UPDATE 9/26/2017 1pm:

We are open for business on October 1st! Our phone lines are open today. Call with any questions: (305) 797-8954

UPDATE 9/21/2017 5pm: We hope to be ready for business between October 1 and October 7th. 

We have to secure our docks, but, otherwise very minor damage.

If you’d like to help, here’s a list of local Key West charities.


Key West is on the road to recovery. Our friends, employees and boats made it through the storm. We will be able to be back in service in the near future when it is appropriate for visitors to return to Key West.

Please do not listen to the National Media regarding Key West, they are showing the worst damage that hit our friends and neighbors up the Keys for ratings and ad dollars. Key West had little major damage.

The best source of local Key West news will be US 1 Radio: http://us1radio.com/

Residents are returning today, Sunday September 17th. We expect the schools and court system to be up and running on September 25th. We’d expect tourism to start, hopefully, the first week in October.

When our beautiful island does open up for you, we will appreciate your returning and enjoying our wonderful trips. We will NEED your support and business for sure. The landscape will look a little different, but Key West will still have that wonderful unique charm that we love to share.

Key West and it’s locals are strong.

Thank you

PS – Stay tuned to our website and Facebook for updates. Our call, or phones are working!