Lobster mini season is right around the corner, so it’s about time you get ready.

2017 Key West’s lobster mini season is on July 26 & 27, 2017 and a regular season to harvest spiny lobsters starts on August 6 and goes until March 31, 2018.

Mini season was designed for recreational harvest, which gave scuba divers a chance to catch some bugs before the commercial lobster traps get put in. This two-day event has become so popular that people take time off of work so they can splash at midnight to hunt.

Many diving accidents have been associated with mini season in the past. Lots of boats and lots of divers after the same thing can make for mistakes. So here are some recommendations on how you can get ready for a successful mini season.

Some mini season tips:

Book your mini season rental or mini season charter early, trips will sell out early. Call today to save your spot: 305-797-8954.

Buy your Florida Fishing License at MyFWC.com and add the spiny lobster permit to your license. Also your license must be with you, so be sure to keep on the boat.

Don’t break the law! FWC has very specific bag limits and sizes for spiny lobsters and its up to you to know them. You must have a lobster measuring tool underwater to measure the carapace, and it must be greater than 3 inches. Lobster must come back to the dock whole (with it’s tail) and it’s illegal to take females with eggs (yellow mass under the tail). Also you cannot use a spear or any device that penetrates the body of the lobster. Lobster season regulations Florida Keys.

FWC Spiny Lobster Florida Regulations.


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